When my father replaced the roses and sweet williams from our garden with sprouts and January Kings I was mortified, but grateful that we didn’t ever go hungry. On a recent visit to the Rialto Market, Venezia. I was reminded of  my father’s strong earth-stained hands lifting me into the old metal wheel barrow. I remember adjusting my pink National Health glasses and sniffing with contentment the warm sackcloth, which protected my skirt from getting grubby.

Mum and Dad would have loved the market. He would have said everything was marvellous and it was.

This blog is a recipe … of simple pleasures

Behind The Green Door is dedicated to my parents.

It is a thank you to the idyllic childhood memories they gave me

It is for my father Wally Green who battles with Alzheimer’s

It is for my mother Eirlys Green for her patience and Stone Soup

It is for my children, children-in-law and grandchildren, for eating the food I cook and asking for the recipes

It is for sister Louisa and brother-in law Karl for making the perfect Gin and Tonics

It is for my nieces and nephews and cousins

It is for my friends

It is for you …


18 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you!

      When I was a child we had a free-standing wooden gramophone in the kitchen.
      Both my parents loved playing Frankie Vaughan’s version of Behind The Green Door. This record was my dad’s favourite.

      It evokes wonderful secure childhood memories of love and comfort food.
      Plus my dad’s name is Wally Green … Perfect!

      I’m aware that it is the same name that crops up for a porn film … It’s a thine line!

      Dad would think that was hilarious.
      He told me when I was a young teenager, ‘There’s money in sex and food my girl … man can’t do without either.’

      What can I say …

  1. Hi! I started following your blog last month. Love your photography, =]

    Also, just wanted to let you know I’m bestowing you with a Leibster Award on my blog!

  2. I loved the line about the blog being a recipe of simple pleasures….perfectly eloquent! Thanks for the like to my post. Please visit again and I know I will enjoy your posts as well. Namaste. . . .Anne

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